We at Costello Roofing are renowned here in Greater Houston region for offering you homeowners affordable but quality roofing solutions. We focus on doing quality work, but in spite of that, a roof will need repairs. It is the only portion of your home exposed to nature and at some stage; it just could be a small leak causing mayhem in your living space. If you are facing such a concern, one could always give us a call and we will be there by your side doing the repair job. We offer repair work on any roof variety and this could be anything private residences to commercial institutions.

Homes in the Houston region have varied roofing and your precise one could be anything from a deck style roof or even the flat version. Now, irrespective of the roof style, we would just love to send out the message that we are comfortable with any roof variety. We will do a quick inspection and look to quickly pinpoint out the damage caused. We will communicate to you on key matters such as costs and time duration. Once you give the go-ahead, we will do the job and we promise, it will be time bound.